3 y/o 15.2H Dark Bay Filly by Toreador

Location: Summerveld
Suit all disciplines / competitive home
** SOLD **

Suit all disciplines competitive sporting general riding home, Polo/-crosse type, will stay smaller sized. Apologies for dark pics - gloomy day & a dark fresh horse! Needs a let down period as pulled up a bit scratchy after running on the poly, lightly raced at four starts, showed no potential to pursue in racing. Athletic, lighter framed, medium boned & through chest, neat feet, hindquarter & frame have room to fill. Uncomplicated temperament, easy to work with, sweet natured, quiet unspoilt ride, rides in a soft frame, no stable vices or issues, sound. Old splint on front of near cannon just below knee, has not affected her in racing; small soft tissue lump on her nose, looks like from an old scar. Will mature in to a lovely type.

Price: Sold

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