7 y/o 15.1½H Bay Mare by ST Petersburg

Location: Summerveld
Suit all disciplines / competitive home
** SOLD **

Suit all disciplines competitive sporting home, polo/-crosse type - & attitude for! Fully grown, but room to fill once let down. Athletic, compact, classy frame, medium depth of chest, elegant bone, nice feet, strong shoulder. Recently raced, six time winner & many placings, consistently successfully raced. Clean & sound, no issues. Suit a polo environment: feisty competitive nature, races with a huge heart, quick mind, doesn't back down when challenged, quick off the leg, light & agile in front. Uncomplicated ride, can pull some serious faces in the box & acts to bite you, but is mostly show as she's easy to handle, just does not enjoy being faffed over, prefers not to be messed with! Sourness is probably just racing-environment induced, should settle out of racing, protective over her space in the box, suit a live-out lifestyle. A lovely type with a good work ethic.

Price: Sold

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