Thoroughbreds Off the Track Rehoming Procedure:

Terms of viewing/purchase


No viewings without completed application form (please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request an application for homing form). To competent, referenced, approved, experienced owner/rider homes only. Not to be used again in any form of racing. Sold directly from trainer’s yard.

  • Full breeding/name will only be given to registered homes. I endeavour to provide genuine information on a horse's history & temperament based on information supplied by trainer & personal assessment when viewing each horse. However the onus is on the interested party whilst at the viewing to ask of the trainer the pertinent questions on a horse’s vet history etc, according to your specific riding requirements. Equine Services SA acts as agent to the trainers & cannot be held responsible for any issues whatsoever not picked up on at a viewing, or if buying unseen.
  • Vettings welcome, for the interested party’s account. No responsibility lies with Equine Services S.A. once removed from the trainer's yard, no horse can be returned as 'unsuitable' after purchase. It is up to the interested party to ensure they have seen & tried the horse out before removing it from a yard, they become the new owner of the horse & take over full responsibility for the horse as soon as payment has reflected. No horse will be allowed to leave a yard until all relevant fees have been settled.
  • Heights measured with a tape.
  • It is up to the new owner to arrange a horse's transport, travel is at new owner’s risk & account. Please only use recognised, reliable & responsible horse transporters that have experience loading young TBs & that have a safe & spacious float with an experienced groom/handler in assistance.

If you are looking for a horse off the track e-mail your requirements/what you are looking for. On returning a completed application form the interested party agrees that he/she has read & understood these terms of sale & will adhere to them. Some trainers may request some form of contract be signed with certain limitations. Trainers are generally open to an offer on the asking price. New owners are requested to PLEASE notify Equine Services S.A. if they have any intention of selling the horse on, or giving away to a new home so that horses homed can be monitored and their welfare protected. Follow ups conducted to ensure a horse remains in good hands, please remember to send photos & feedback of progress & updates as you go along - I genuinely want to hear what they are up to!

To apply for an OTTB:
  • Complete homing application form - provide ALL necessary contact numbers for reference checks (insufficiently completed applications will not be processed)
  • Once successfully processed you'll be added to mailing list & will receive email notifications when new horses are available
Viewing general info:

Riding is permitted by most trainers, only racing saddles available – bear in mind a horse in training will be used to a racing saddle! Be mindful that they don't really know what we call "aids", no cantering on the right lead etc. Riding facilities are limited (other than the track!), & none of them have ever been exposed to jumping poles!

Be conscious of the duration of your viewing, don’t get carried away hanging around the stable yard... Should you wish to come back again to ride, be considerate to the trainer’s work that needs to get done - remember trainers do not keep ‘normal office hours’, their work day normally starts by 4:30am!

Know what questions you want to ask the trainer e.g. what food he's on (so you know what to buy when he moves to your yard); when he was last dewormed & what with, when he was last shod & if he'll be fine on a half-set...

Discuss any concerns you may have - trainers want to know you offer a suitable home! Observe a horse’s behaviour while being tacked up & handled & when mounting. Trot the horse up in-hand to check for soundness & evenness in movement. Check their legs for any bumps or thickening in the tendons, feel each leg & joint for any heat, check for even muscle tone. Take your instructor or an experienced person with you, so you have a professional second opinion should you need one.

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