Rates of Service: Equestrian Industry

  • No fee to list a job spec
  • Employer information remains confidential until a candidate is selected for interview
  • Profiles of candidates most suited can be selected for interview
  • Fees payable within fourteen days from the first working day to validate placement guarantees, placements where payment was appropriately received carry a 90 day guarantee, with a rebate or replacement structure in place - full Terms of Service sent on confirmation of job spec.
  • Minimum wage for employment R 5000, excluding internship positions
Initiating the screening & interview process &/or employing a candidate referred by Equine Services S.A. means you are bound by the Terms of Service & obliged to pay the relevant placement fee as set out in the Terms of Service.

Internships:  R 3000 placement fee as a once off payment

Assistants & Professionals:

Basic salary up to R 10 000/m - 80% of permanent monthly salary, once-off payment

Basic salary upwards of R 10 000/m - 75% of permanent monthly salary, once-off payment

Seasonal (Stud/Sales Prep) placements:  R 3500 once-off payment

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